Bhakti and Karma Yoga Retreat

This programme is custom designed to help an individual to try and live within a spiritual community in the midst of devotees (sadhu-sangha) for an initial period of 7 days as a means to appreciating the Krishna Conscious way of life. The programme is intended for those who are contemplating a more spiritual way of life and a means to take their spiritual practice deeper.

As the name suggests Karuna Bhavan or 'Abode of Compassion', is a space where we welcome people from all walks of life to practice a more loving and compassionate way of living. At Karuna Bhavan, we endeavour to help re-establish the sacredness of life. This is done principally by following a lifestyle based on the motto of 'simple living, high thinking'.

During your time here, this would essentially entail being introduced to an ashram life, including an understanding and practice of bhakti yoga (devotional contemplation and service) and karma yoga (selfless service to move away from an ego-centred mode of being), mantra meditation and partaking of prasadam or food offered to the Divine and eaten in a spirit of appreciation for the gifts of nature.

The programme would involve participating in the daily morning programme followed by breakfast prasadam, then karma yoga for 3 hours, followed by lunch prasadam and clean-up afterwards. At Karuna Bhavan our intention is to support you in your quest for a more fulfilling way of life. To this end we endevour to provide an open, nurturing and supportive environment. As part of your programme you will be allocated a guide or mentor who will be happy to be of service in your journey to discovering a more spiritually satisfying life.

We ask for a donation of £70 including comfortable shared single gender accommodation, nutritious vegetarian (vegan available on request) meals and instruction. Concessions are available. Participation is open from August 2012, through the year, space permitting. If you'd like to register an interest in the Programme, please contact Raghunath Bhatta Das on:


Some of the Karma Yoga activities

  • Picking flowers and making flower garlands for the deities

  • Cleaning the temple and cutting vegetables for prasadam

  • Polishing the deities’ silverware

  • Making turban decorations and other accessories for the deities, which at the end of the programme can be offered to the deities and a personal photograph taken, serving as special memorabilia of your service and time spent at Karuna Bhavan

  • Going on Harinaam or chanting of the holy name in a public procession

  • Going for weekly Namahattas or get-togethers with like-minded people

  • If you are artistically inclined or would like to contribute or offer a particular service, we would be happy to discuss the same with you

04:30 am. Mangal Aarti & Kirtan

05:00 am. Tulasi Puja

05:15 am. Mantra/Japa Meditation

07:00 am. Greeting of the Deities

07:15 am. Guru Puja & Kirtan

07:30 am. Shrimad Bhagavatam Class

Daily Programme

08:30 am. Breakfast Prasadam

09:30 am. Karma Yoga

12:30 pm. Lunch Prasadam

13:30 pm. Clean-up

14:30 pm. Relaxation

16:00 pm. Study and Contemplation

18:00 pm. Discussion with mentor

19:00 pm. Evening Aarti

19:30 pm. Bhagavad Gita Class

20:00 pm. Dinner Prasadam

21:00 pm. Retire

ISKCON Scotland, Karuna Bhavan, Bankhouse Road, Lesmahagow, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML11 0HQ 

Registered Charity No. SC001127

General Enquiries:

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