In the modern fast-paced, demanding world people face many challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, burn out and so many other issues. Our aim is to help people through the time and science proven tools of yoga, meditation and positive thinking via yoga wisdom perspective.    

We strongly feel that prevention is better than cure. Physical fitness gets plenty of attention, however this is not good enough anymore! MENTAL FITNESS is becoming even more important than physical fitness.
Just like the body can get diseased and out of shape without enough physical activity, our minds can get 'out of shape' and become overwhelmed with anxiety and negative, dis-empowering and even depressive thoughts.

To help people to stay in good shape physically, mentally and spiritually, we run meditation, yoga and other well-being events and retreats. 




Staying well at home

During this COVID-19 crisis we are offering online wellbeing events to calm the mind and give a chance to feel a part of a virtual community:

1) Every Wednesday we Stream Live a Relaxing Mantra Music Meditation Concert from 18.00-20.00 from our Kirtan Scotland meditation band page on Facebook

2) Every Saturday we Stream Live an energetic Mantra Music Meditation Concert from 18.00-20.00 from our Kirtan Scotland meditation band page on Facebook

3) Every Sunday we do an online yoga class from our OM Sweet OM Page.

4) We also run twice-weekly community support groups on ZOOM



Centre for well-being and conscious living in Glasgow

In January 2019 we started a well-being centre in Glasgow. The mission of this centre is to promote the art of sustainable happiness and conscious living by empowering people to experience a higher taste in life by satisfying physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a harmonious way. 

The centre offers, yoga, meditation and wisdom sessions and delicious vegan all you can eat events. 

All the profits from the centre go to support our charitable causes. 


We've been running student societies in Glasgow since 2013

Being away from home in a big city and lacking a feeling of belonging, the pressures of exams, taking more responsibility in life are just a few challenges that can make life at the university quite stressful, anxious and sometimes even lonely. 

The aim of our Bhakti Yoga Societies is not only to help physically and emotionally, but also to find a sense of community and belonging. Moreover, life is full of challenges and we aim to equip students at the early stages of their life with powerful tools like meditation, yoga and wisdom. These help individuals find deeper values and purpose to navigate throughout various ups and downs, not only at university, but throughout the rest of their life.

Currently we run three student societies in the Glasgow area:

1) University of Glasgow (since 2013)

2) University of West of Scotland (since 2017)

3) University of Strathclyde (since 2020)


Therapeutic garden project

We started our Krishna Eco farm in 2012. Apart of teaching sustainable living - one of the main aims of the farm is to provide much needed well-being that comes from being in the nature, working on the land, being part of community, doing yoga and meditation. These practises are very healing, time-proven, scientific and empowering ways to significantly improve one's physical and emotional health. 

Since 2012 we hosted more than 800 people providing education in sustainability and providing opportunity to grow as an individual, learn how to become ore resilient to life's challenges and experience more peaceful and purposeful lifestyle. 

We also run regular, yoga, meditation events and retreats for general public. Proceeds go to support our charity work.


We strongly believe that wellbeing is not only meant exclusively for human beings, but also for animals

We are dedicated to caring for animals. Mahatma Gandhi said: "the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated". All life is sacred and we see it as our responsibility to protect it. 

We are trying to promote lifestyles which are free from violence. In sanskrit this principle is called 'Ahimsa'.  Ahimsa means 'not to injure' and 'compassion' and refers to a key virtue in yoga wisdom traditions. Ahimsa is also referred to as nonviolence, and it applies to all living beings — including all animals. You can find more about Ahimsa principle on Wikipedia.

An opportunity arose to give sanctuary to some Alpacas, who have now been living with us since October, 2017. 

Alpacas are very social beings and like to spend time with each other. Each of them have their own personality and character. 

We enjoy looking after these beautiful creatures and love caring for them. We invite you to do the same.


Sharing Music that Uplifts and Heals

In order to make the wellbeing that comes from Mantra Music more accessible to people in Scotland - in 2009 we formed a Mantra Music Meditation band - Kirtan Scotland. Since then we have been running various one-off and regular events across Scotland including - Aberdeen, Findhorn, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The Kirtan Scotland band use an eclectic blend of both traditional and modern instruments and engage eastern and western melodies to form a wide variety from meditative to energetic.

There is a growing body of scientific research that shows how effective  the power of mantra is for our wellbeing. :

* Mantra - powerful way improve your well-being

* Kirtan - the easy meditation can improve your brain
Neuroscience and the sanskrit effect



Make a Difference



Help Us Make a Difference

If you feel moved by our work - we would very much appreciate your support. You are welcome to give a one-off or regular donation. It’s easy and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many. Please click below to donate now.

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